Bidding Procedures

Tenders and Requests For Proposal are issued by Purchasing Services for a wide variety of goods and services. Bidding opportunities can be accessed on this site and downloaded at your convenience. Formal bids are issued for most acquisitions having an expected value over $75,000.

Purchasing Services also advertises its bidding opportunities on the British Columbia government's web site, BC Bid ( and on the public notice board located in the Purchasing Services office.

Immediately following the closing time, tenders are opened in public and proposals are registered in public. Interested parties are welcome to attend the openings.

Bid Document

Bid documents may be downloaded directly from this web site.

Bids must be returned to the location set out in the bid document, in a sealed envelope or package no later than the "Closing Time" set out in the document. Bid documents received after the closing time may be returned unopened.

Supply Management does not accept responses via internet, e-mail or fax except where the bid document specifically states one or more of these modes of response is acceptable.


If you have questions about the bid, submit your question to specifying the name and number of the bid document. Questions and the answers will be posted on the individual web page.

NOTE: Bidders must specify if their inquiry reveals a trade secret or process that should not be made public. Both the original question and the response from Supply Management will be posted on our web site. The responsible buyer or contracting specialist will make arrangements with the bidder for a confidential response if deemed necessary.

It is the sole responsibility of the bidder to regularly check the individual web page for addenda, questions and answers, and amendments.

Bid Results

As soon as practical after award, the name of the successful bidder and the value of the contract, is posted on BC Bid ( Visit the BC Bid Website) for a period of one month.

Vendor De-Briefings

It is Supply Management's standard practice to offer unsuccessful bidders an opportunity to meet with the buyer or contracting specialist after award of contract to learn how they might be successful the next time. To arrange for a debriefing, the bidder should fax their request to the attention of the responsible buyer or contracting specialist.

Ownership of Documents

All bid documents issued by the City are the property of the City and may not be copied or sold to other parties without express authorization of the Director of Supply Chain Management.

Altering Documents

Bidders must not electronically alter any portion of downloaded documents with the exception of adding the information requested. To do so will invalidate the bidder's response.  

Useful Tips

  • Check the individual web page regularly for amendments, addendum and questions & answers on active bids.
  • Read the bid documents thoroughly and comply with all the instructions and conditions.
  • Ensure your bid is submitted to the correct office before the closing time, or it may be returned unopened.