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All enquiries regarding the RFP must be addressed to:
Peter Yung, Buyer
All enquiries must be made in writing and are to be directed only to the above contact person. In-person or telephone enquiries are not permitted. Any communication from potential Proponents to City staff other than the contact person regarding the content of this RFP may lead to disqualification of the Proponent from this RFP process, at the City’s sole discretion.






[Please specify proposal document number, proposal title and purchasing agent's name when sending email.]

Questions will be accepted, and answers posted, ONLY IF they are submitted in writing five working days prior to the bid closing date

Deadline for Enquiries: 3:00 pm on April 20, 2021


3:00:00 pm (Local Vancouver Time), Tuesday, April 27, 2021

All references to time in the RFP are references to the time in the City of Vancouver, as indicated in the electronic timestamp the Proposal receives upon delivery to the email address specified herein, which is in turn synchronized to Network Time Protocol (NTP) provided by the National Research Council of Canada adjusted to local Pacific Time Zone.



Proponents should submit their Proposals on or before the time and date specified in the bottom row of the table in Section 2.1 (the “Closing Time”).

Each Proponent should submit its Proposal by email in accordance with the following:

Subject of the file to be: PS# - RFP - Title - Vendor name.

Document format for submissions:
o RFP Part C in PDF format – 1 combined PDF file,
o Appendix 3 (pricing tab) in Excel format, and;
o Any other attachments if necessary

Zip the files to reduce the size or email separately if needed.

Send your submissions to do not deliver a physical copy to the City of Vancouver.

Submitting the files via Drop box, FTP, or similar programs, is not acceptable.

To be considered by the City, a Proposal must be submitted in the form set out in Part C (the “Form of Proposal”), completed and duly executed by the relevant Proponent in one PDF Document, excluding the Pricing Tables which should be submitted by itself, in a separate PDF file titled as Appendix 3 – Commercial Proposal.

Proposals received after the closing time may be returned unopened.

Faxed proposals will not be accepted.

Please visit our Bidding Procedures page for additional information.

General Description of Requirement

The purpose of this RFP is to obtain a supplier(s) with the capability and capacity to efficiently and cost effectively provide preventative maintenance services to the City as per the requirements and specifications set out herein.

This initiative will identify proponents providing best and leading practices to increase procurement efficiency, maintain and improve service and product quality, sustainability and capable of supplying all or a large part of the requirements. Thus it is paramount the successful Proponent(s) be able to meet the City’s requirements and comprehensively describe its highest level of service, service offerings and competitive prices.


Information Meeting

An information meeting (the “Information Meeting”) will be held to enable Proponents to seek clarification with respect to any aspect of the RFP in a group forum. The details are as follows:

(a) Date and Time of the Information Meeting is set out in Section 2.1

(b) Locations of the Information Meeting are listed below, in the order of arrival:
(i) VSTS: 377 West Kent Ave North, Vancouver (commencing as per Section 5.4(a));
(ii) Kent Yard: 900 Kent Avenue S.E., Vancouver; and
(iii) VLF: 5400 72 St., Delta.

(c) Due to COVID-19 restriction only a maximum of 10 persons will be allowed on site for a physical site visit and information session. The site visit will be conducted outside in an open space.

(d) Notwithstanding Section 5.4(a), the City requests that Proponents attending the information meeting limit their party size, with preference of one person.

(e) Proponent attending the Information Meetings shall be required to bring and use their own Personal Protective Equipment, including Hard Hat, Hi Vis Vest, Safety Footwear and Face Mask.

Potential Proponents are encouraged to read the RFP and submit any questions relating to the RFP to the Contact Person prior to the Information Meeting.

Potential Proponents interested in attending the Information Meeting should pre-register for the Information Meeting by completing and submitting the form contained in Appendix 1 to Part A by e-mail to on or before the time and date specified in Section 2.1


Downloading the Document

Proponents must not electronically alter any portion of downloaded documents with the exception of adding the information requested. To do so will invalidate your bid.





RFP - Part C - Word Version


Appendix 3 - Schedule of Prices




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Questions and Answers

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